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♥ Aftons New Journal ♥


25 June 1992
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  • cheerleaderbabe@livejournal.com
  • aftonhouse74038
Hello. my name is afton and im 14. i go to cleveland high school and im a freshman. i am a member of Snitchseeker.com and am aftonhouse74038 on there...though im not really active on there anymore. just dont have time. i am also a member of the website gaiaonline.com and i am mini_faerie_luver on that. i am very active on it and spend most/all of my time on it. i absolutely love the colour black, but im not goth. one of my favorite bands of all time is AFI and Panic! at the disco. they are like..really awesome.
If you want to know anything else about me just email me at aftonhouse74038@aol.com
or add me to MSN
but if you add me to msn you better explain who you are n stuff cuz i might black you...just how i am.